Grading results Fushin Ryu Karate
21 December 2012 at Brownsbay Dojo

Student name Passed Next grade Technical P/F M/F
Ada Wong  Yes  2nd kyu       
Adam Brown  Yes  2nd kyu       
Cynthia Hsu  Yes  2nd kyu       
Greg Crooks  Yes  2nd kyu       
Kamm Hayden  Yes  2nd kyu       
Kyle Wienk  Yes  2nd kyu       
Winston Yao  Yes  2nd kyu       
Gary Rodger  Yes  1st kyu       
Nicholas Rowsby  Yes  1st kyu       
Thomas Chen  Yes  1st kyu       
Mitchell Whitehead  Yes  Shodan ho       
Shirley Brown  Yes  Shodan ho       
Zakarie Murtagh  Yes  Shodan ho       
Carl Monk  Yes  Shodan       
Darren Mckinney  Yes  Shodan       
Mark Eagle  Yes  Shodan       

Important note:

Technical = Stances, Foot placement, hand movements
P/F = Physical Focus, Fast, relaxed movement with kime on the end of the technique
M/F = Mental Focus - Looking to the front with intention

C- = 60%
C = 65%
C+ = 70%

B- = 75%
B = 80%
B+ = 85%

A- = 90%
A = 95%
A+ = 100%

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