Dojo Etiquette Dojo Ni Okeru Taido To Saho
  1. Endeavour to learn and revere the sanctity and atmosphere of the Dojo.
  2. Endeavour to attain goals without any skepticism or wavering of spirit.
  3. Endeavour to deepen understanding and experience.
  4. Endeavour to be discreet and humble in all actions.
  5. Refrain from causing unpleasant feelings by obnoxious behaviour.
  6. Refrain from using insulting actions or words.
  7. Endeavour to wear and treat clothing properly.
  8. Refrain from impulsive or rash acts through correct and careful consideration
  9. Endeavour to magnanimously accept opinions of others.
  10. Endeavour to enhance the appreciation of natural beauty.
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