Grading results Fushin Ryu Karate
13 March 2010 at Brownsbay Dojo

Student name Passed Next grade Technical P/F M/F
Charlize Dela cruz  Yes  11th kyu  B+  B-  B+ 
Daniel Frial  Yes  11th kyu  B+ 
Jo Te kapaiwaho  Yes  10th kyu  B+  B+ 
Steve Wech  Yes  10th kyu  A-  B+  A- 
Jordan Wech  Yes  9th kyu  B-  B- 
Rodney Li  No  9th kyu  C-  B+ 
Brian Qi  Yes  8th kyu  B+ 

Important note:

Technical = Stances, Foot placement, hand movements
P/F = Physical Focus, Fast, relaxed movement with kime on the end of the technique
M/F = Mental Focus - Looking to the front with intention

C- = 60%
C = 65%
C+ = 70%

B- = 75%
B = 80%
B+ = 85%

A- = 90%
A = 95%
A+ = 100%

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