Dojo Rules The following rules are strictly enforced during the formal training period
  1. Shoes are never to be worn on the training area. Shoes should be removed upon entering the Dojo.(Spectators included)
  2. Smoking in the Dojo or near proximity is not permitted at any time.(Spectators included)
  3. Swearing, whistling, loud or rude behaviour in the Dojo is strictly forbidden at all times.(Spectators included)
  4. General conversation is not permitted on the training area while a lesson is in progress.
  5. Spectators or other students are not to interfere with or disturb any student or instructor while a lesson is in progress.
  6. You may not leave the training area during a lesson without first obtaining permission from the instructor in charge of the lesson.
  7. No rings, earrings, studs or jewellery is to be worn by any student or instructor while training. Jewellery that can't be removed MUST be taped.
  8. You may not stand with hands on hips, arms folded, lean on walls or conduct yourself in a generally untidy and careless manner.
  9. Male students are not to wear T-shirts or singlets under their Dogi. Female students may wear a white T-shirt under their Dogi.
  10. Under NO condition will you be permitted to train under the influence of alcohol or drugs, or if the instructor in charge considers you to be physically or mentally unfit to train in the lesson.
  11. Instructors are to be addressed as Shihan, Sensei or Senpai(according to rank) within the Dojo or at another venue any time a lesson, seminar or camp is in progress.
  12. Respect and obediance to your sensei and senpai must be observed at all times.
  13. Unless directed to by the sensei or senpai, students will not attempt to teach other students in a formal lesson. ONLY the Sensei is to teach during a lesson. It shows good karate spirit to want to help other students but the best way to help other students is to train hard and set a good example for them to follow.
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