Grading results Fushin Ryu Karate
30 June 2018 at Brownsbay Dojo

Student name Passed Next grade Technical P/F M/F
Isaac Zhang  Yes  11th kyu       
JJ Cui  Yes  11th kyu       
Austin Chen  Yes  10th kyu       
Caden Scott  Yes  10th kyu       
Elaine Zhang  Yes  10th kyu       
Nathan Dsouza  Yes  10th kyu       
Bowen Yu  Yes  9th kyu       
Isaac Roan  Yes  9th kyu       
John Yu  Yes  9th kyu       
Wilson Yuan  Yes  9th kyu       
Yi-Hsiu Lo  Yes  9th kyu       
Dominic Ma  Yes  8th kyu       
Melvin (Jun Hao) Qi  Yes  8th kyu       
Yamato Tsunoda  Yes  8th kyu       
Pedro Herrera  Yes  7th kyu       
Kevin Chen  Yes  5th kyu       

Important note:

Technical = Stances, Foot placement, hand movements
P/F = Physical Focus, Fast, relaxed movement with kime on the end of the technique
M/F = Mental Focus - Looking to the front with intention

C- = 60%
C = 65%
C+ = 70%

B- = 75%
B = 80%
B+ = 85%

A- = 90%
A = 95%
A+ = 100%

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