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2006 Jan Okinawa Trip then back to Yokohama

A team of students and Instructors from Fushin Ryu and Wellington Rembuden went to Okinawa to train with Sakumoto sensei of Ryuei Ryu. A great opportunity to train not only with him but with his world champion Gold medal students during the day and in the Ryuei Ryu dojo in the evening classes.

One of the many things we learnt that week was the Ryuei Ryu kata Niseishi.

The Fushin Ryu students arrived in Tokyo, Japan in December with Chris Rahardja, Marina and Carl Monk attending the Junior Nippon Winter camp held at Yoyogi.

Meet the Rembuden Sensei with student Cleo in Okinawa for a week of training with Sakumoto sensei. After Okinawa returned to Tokyo where they trained with Sugihara sensei (Fushin Ryu) and with Iizuka sensei from Ichi yukai Goju ryu in Yokohama.

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