8th Sugihara Cup 2018 International Karate Championships

Hello Everyone,
Look forward to seeing you all at the 2018 "8th Sugihara Cup Team Challange" (and Senior Individual events) in Auckland, New Zealand.

Team Events will be run as a round robin. The aim is to have 8 entries in each division. In this case every team will be guaranteed at least 3 matches with the top two teams on each side of the draw competing in a semi final and medal match.

We invite you attend Sugihara Cup Karate Tournament which will be held on Sunday the 12th August 2018. It will be held at the Netball stadium in Northcote.

For team kata - one competitor may be out of the age range specified. Kumite must be in the age range specified. The teams (where permitting) will all fight through. (youngest to oldest)


Doors open 8.30 Start 9am with Team Kata divisions. 


Arawaza Dogi as well as mouth guards, shin guards, hand mitts and other karate gear also available.

 Events                                                                                                                                     Player 1      Player 2       Player 3

1/  Team Kata    5-9yrs Female                                9/  Team Kumite    5-9yrs           Female   5-7 yrs         7/8 yrs          8/9 yrs    

2/  Team Kata    5-9yrs Male                                   10/  Team Kumite    5-9yrs              Male   5-7 yrs         7/8 yrs          8/9 yrs

3/  Team Kata    10-13yrs Female                           11/  Team Kumite    10-13yrs      Female  10/11yrs        11/12yrs       12/13yrs

4/  Team Kata    10-13yrs Male                                12/  Team Kumite    10-13yrs         Male  10/11yrs        11/12yrs       12/13yrs

5/  Team Kata    14-17yrs Female                            13/  Team Kumite    14-17yrs     Female  14/15yrs        15/16yrs       16/17yrs

6/  Team Kata    14-17yrs Male                                14/  Team Kumite    14-17yrs           Male  14/15yrs        15/16yrs       16/17yrs

7/  Team Kata    16yrs+ Female                               15/  Team Kumite      Senior           Female  18yrs+          18yrs+         18yrs+

8/  Team Kata    16yrs+ Female                               16/  Team Kumite      Senior               Male  18yrs+          18yrs+         18yrs+


17/    Indvidual Kata       16yrs+ Female    

18/    Indvidual Kata      16yrs+ Male  

19/    Indvidual Kumite  16yrs+ Female

20/    Indvidual Kata      16yrs+ Male






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