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FRK NZ Club KATA Tournament 1


25 February 2019


194 Archers Rd 1pm


Referees please be at the venue from 12.30 for briefing / training.

1pm Start  4-6yrs 7-8yrs 9-10yrs, 11-12yrs

2.30pm start  13/14yrs 15-17yrs 18yrs+

FREE entry with FRK registration Great place to start if you haven't competed before.

Great place to hone your skills if you have.

9 Club tournaments in 2018, 5 kata and 4 kumite Add up all your points for the year.

5 points for 1st place     4 points for 2nd place      3 points for 3rd place      2 points for 4th place       1 point for 5th place

1 point for entering

Medals and certificates for the top 3 places at the end of the year prize giving.

To be eligible for prize giving students must compete in a minimum of 5 competitions. In the case of tied points the student who has attended the most competitions will win, if this is the same then the one with the most 1st places........

Competitors will stay in the same divisions for the entire year - age as of 1 February.

Pee wees 4-6yrs

Female 7-8yrs

Male 7-8yrs

Female 9-10yrs

Male 9-10yrs

Female 11-12yrs

Male 11-12yrs

Female 13-14yrs

Male 13-14yrs

Female 15-17yrs

Male 15-17yrs

Female 18yrs +

Male 18yrs +

Fushin Ryu Karate Kata List

White and Yellow belts - perform Kihon Roku dosa, Part of Pinan Shodan or all of Pinan Shodan (repeat)

Green/white stripe belts - perform Pinan Shodan & (Nidan)

Green belts - perform Pinan Shodan,Nidan & (Sandan)

Blue/White stripe belts - perform Pinan Nidan, Sandan & (Yondan)

Blue belts - perform Pinan Sandan,Yondan & (Godan)

Purple/White stripe belts - perform Pinan Yondan,Godan,Saifa,Niseishi

Purple Belts belts and above - Free kata

Age as of the 1st of February Competitors stay in the same divisions for the whole year Parents and Senior students welcome to learn to be tournament officials. Learn and practice at our club tournaments.

Pass the exam get a certificate and free Tournament Official T-Shirt. Free training, no cost to sit exam.

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